6 August 2012

Team GB Sundae

'Tongue N' Cheek' by Dizzee Rascal

A classic dessert dedicated to the fine Olympians smashing world records and everything else at the moment, I randomly made this while there was a short break on TV, you know just as a quick treat. Usian Bolt among Jessica Ennis and Michael Phelps have made it into my legend list (next to Delia Smith). Clearly there is not an excuse to watch anything else on TV, totally feels wrong watching the Hairy Bikers this month!
The space in which I inhabit in my messed up and annoying shared house is resembling a mini bakery! I don't believe I now own cans of lustre gold spray then found some chocolate Oreo's hiding behind the condensed milk. Seriously watch this space for exciting baking developments!  Anyway this was the outcome -  a sort of gold medal sundae with colours representing the union jack. Totally delicious. Really quick to prepare.
An ice cream worth raving about is Yeo Valley (and NO I am not working with their PR!) I genuinely love this company and love the Greek style yeogurt with honey ice cream. Buy it, I swear you will tut-tut at other ice creams after one glorious scoop. 

 ▶ Get Dizzee on..

You will need one gorgeous sundae dessert glass, worth investing in and they look too cute.
First grab a few raspberries and blueberries, press down in glass then add one scoop of ice cream on top and one crushed Oreo. Repeat then decorate with gold Oreo (which I sprayed before) and edible glitter on the ice cream. Obviously I was side tracked and had a biscuit upside down for one of the images, this was resolved by consuming it quickly and spraying another one.

Present to someone who works hard and deserves a gold medal for just being amazing. Yes the Olympics are a celebration of passion, commitment, focus, skill and talent, and there are people who do that on a daily basis and get no recognition. Represent and show some love.

Enjoy the rest of the games, I might be inspired to rustle up another golden selection of something fabulous. Good luck to your home country, as for mine we are unstoppable and shining through and through.

Favourite Song:

ê 'Dance Wiv Me'