14 September 2012

Cereal-sly Good Sundae.

♬ 'Why Try Harder' by Fatboy Slim
Possibly the best album to have on while running. I'm now recovering and resting ready for Sunday, where I will be cycling fifty four miles for Make-A-Wish Foundation. Thank you to everyone who has sponsored me mentally as well as financially! This is the main reason the blog hasn't been regularly bombarded with cakes and videos plus this gives me an excuse to eat and bake naughty stuff next week! Then big changes to home and work life, more news about the Mita empire soon.

After another stupidly long run in which I acquired a sore ankle, I craved anything but nutty muesli which has been at the forefront of my diet for a while. Thankfully I had exhausted the healthy cereal shelf and could only see nuts and other dried fruits that look boring and crazily hearty. What's a girl to do for breakfast?! Toast? Fry up? Instead I layered lashings (love this word) of Greek yoghurt in a fancy sundae glass plus dug out all the lusty seeds and fruits I owned, and lastly found a cheeky bag of Honey Loops. 

Definitely try this recipe which to be honest does contain some pricey ingredients, but maybe try other dried or fresh sweet things you have around. It all depends how much you love dried fruits and nuts, and opting for something healthy looking in a sundae glass! 

 ▶ Ingredients:

Fresh pitted cherries.
Organic Greek yoghurt
Nuts and seeds mix (you know that contain pumpkin seeds etc)
Honey Loops
1 passion fruit
Goji berries
Dried blueberries


Basically put the cherries at the bottom and squash down, add one dessertspoon of yoghurt.
Sprinkle nuts, goji, blueberries and cover with passion fruit.
Another layer of yoghurt with cherries, loops and yoghurt.
Decorate with pretty goji berries and a cherry.
Eat immediately without guilt and with a tall spoon.

Fave Songs:

ê 'Brimful Of Asha'  Norman Cook Remix
ê 'Gangster Trippin'
ê 'Right Here, Right Now'
ê 'Everybody Loves A Carnival'