19 September 2012

Fitness Princess Mango Smoothie

'Electra Heart' by Marina and The Diamonds

Is it Friday yet? Don't you wish there was a fast forward button on your calendar? I'm not one to wish the year away but on a week like this someone at Apple needs to get on to this idea for the next Iphone. 
So I successfully finished the fifty four mile cycle from Streatham to Brighton last Sunday in a shocking 5 hours with no breaks, now I'm thinking of tackling a marathon in 2014! The training up to the cycle has been crazy, and I strangely enjoyed every moment. Annoyingly there was a lady who kept on overtaking me and made stupid jokes every time she passed. I did one of those smiles where teeth are not shown and rolled my eyes. 
Unfortunately as you saw I neglected baking, cakes were on hold and chocolate was locked away. Finally the decadent ingredients will get some attention this weekend.

The truth is it's a Wednesday and I have a mango and two passion fruits to my name. No cereal, milk, not even bread for comforting buttery toast. So I blended one ripe mango, two passion fruits, a tablespoon of greek yoghurt with honey and topped with super berries. Smoothie made for a fitness princess. It was very delicious, creamy and not too sweet, a perfect midweek energy kick. 

▶ Recipe for one, you will need a blender.


1 large ripe mango (preferably Alphonso but no worries if you don't have any available)
2 passion fruits
Organic Greek yoghurt with honey (or drizzle a teaspoon of honey if yoghurt doesn't contain any)
Goji berries
Dried blueberries
OR dried cherries (optional)


In a measuring jug add the mango chunks, scooped out passion fruit and one tablespoon of yoghurt.
Decorate with berries.
Drink straight away.

During university (oh so many years ago) I went through a smoothie phase and most days forgot to drink water. If you like me love smoothies make sure you still drink sufficient amounts of water in the day, and the only way to check this is when you go to the toilet. Sorry to mention the word 'toilet' on a food blog, so wrong isn't it? However when it comes to smoothie addiction the word has to be typed.

In other news I have been asked to train professionally as a boxer. Holy. Macaroni. My response was this:
'Anthony you see this (I point to my face) and these (show my hands) these are going to make me money, no way on earth am I going to get them damaged!'.
His response, 'No worries Mita, we do supply extra strong head guards for pretty faces'.
Me, 'OK I will think about it.'

What do you think boxer or baker?

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