1 October 2012

Mita's Crunchy Cups

' No More Drama' by Mary J Blige

October October a month where I really have no idea what the next few weeks will bring. All I've been doing is staring at this screen, selling my soul to room share websites and consuming way over the daily average amount of granola. 
Apart from the danger of being homeless I have now started to get creative with all the bits and bobs left in my cupboard. After lunch which was jazzed up kipper herring in a wrap with cream cheese and alfalfa sprouts (amazing), I decided to use up remaining butter, syrup and sugar to form and make honeycomb. I also found a lot of silicone cases which are perfect for releasing cakes - suddenly a light bulb flickered in my brain (I think the left side is baking based). Why not pour honeycomb in the cases and top with melted chocolate mixed with super berries?! Leave both to set and then there will be a cake shape honeycomb white chocolate crazy looking treat!


I have to warn you, this is a mega indulgent sweet treat which should be stocked next to Reese's Peanut Butter Cups! Obviously these are just as moreish and decadent. 

▶  Ingredients and method for honeycomb is here - 'HoneyComb Cone'. This mixture will definitely be enough for 12 silicone cases.

500g white chocolate
50g Goji berries
50g dried blueberries
50g chopped hazelnuts


While melting the chocolate in a bowl suspended over boiling water, make the honeycomb in a heavy based pan preferably with a pouring tip. Once you have had the bicarbonate of soda reaction quickly pour into cases, filling them three quarters of the way up or work quickly and use a tablespoon. 

When chocolate is completely melted and glossy take bowl off the heat and stir through the berries and nuts. Using a tablespoon scoop a mixture of chocolate over the honeycomb.

Put in the fridge to set.

Once completely set pop the cups out the cases and serve stacked or keep in cases.

After eating one my room search was a lot more bearable.

Enjoy wisely.xx

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