26 October 2012

The Ghostcupsters


'The Defamation of Strickland Banks' by Plan B

I wouldn't say tonight's music choice was the scariest of albums, but it's got me through another grey and gloomy week in London. Another revelation is that my cake bars lasted one week then I get an email demanding more cupcakes. I'm a cupcake girl through and through and there's no denying it, my cakes look fun and taste damn good. 

What we have here is MARSHMALLOW frosting. I know. Flipping great and how ghastly do the ghosts look?! I've called them Ghostbuster cakes gathering that they do resemble the Michelin man in the classic film Ghostbusters. Why is this film not showing on prime time TV this weekend? All the hype over films which make me want to faint over the sight of blood or double lock the doors at night are incredibly fear inducing to the point of wanting to cry. I don't want to cry over Halloween! I prefer to do that watching Pearl Harbour with a box of Maltesers on Valentine's day.

I was going to make a small clip but unfortunately by the time I whipped the marshmallow by hand; I collapsed on the sofa and had less than a hour to deliver to the lucky location. Please use an electric whisk and don't try and be a clumsy heroine like myself and stress out your hands! Hence why there is a lack of a long winded post tonight, two sessions of boxing and whisking egg whites until they turn into marshmallow has finished me off for the weekend. Thanks to Martha Stewart and her recipe for the frosting which worked brilliantly, even though I halved it and still got the same fantastic result.

Mint chocolate chip sponge with marshmallow frosting and a Mita twist which make these cupcakes frightfully delicious treats.

ALSO after I decorated them a touch of glow in the dark paint was sneakily put on the cases. Don't worry the cakes were not harmed or even touched, the paint was non toxic and very friendly. 

Favourite Song:

ê 'Hard Times'

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