12 November 2012

Bancho Macaroons aka..

♬ 'It's Blitz' by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

This album makes me want to get up dance and get creative. Plus Karen O is very cool.

I know what your thinking. One word, four letters. 


Macaroons are without a doubt stylish and beautiful. Basically they look pretty, cost a whole lot more than a pack of cookies and have the appearance of something that should be in a food gallery. It was about time I tested out my magic skills to these beauties with a special bottle of banana essence, gold lustre spray and a filling of milk chocolate ganache, they went as quick as my cakes. Whooooosh! I quickly grabbed a few and took a quick snap before they got consumed. When it came to deciding on a reputable recipe source the most economical, hassle free and simplest is on Delicious Magazine's website. Lorraine Pascal and even my heroine Annie Bell gave recipes that involved way too many piping bags! When making these I did a lot of background reading into what to be aware of. Let me give you a heads up:

1. Don't replace ground almonds. Yes they are expensive but vital in a macaroon recipe. I've seen a few recipes that call for pistachio powder which is an alternative.
2. Draw accurate mini circles on baking paper before you pipe.
3. Leaving them to form a skin before you put them in the oven is very important.
4. Avoid air bubbles in the macaroons by tapping the baking tray.
5. Calm down on the colouring, the macaroons still should look edible and natural.
6. Leave to cool, the cookie shells shouldn't detach from the shells.
7. They are not that difficult to make.

I'm sure there will be other little tips you will acquire yourself when making macaroons, it's all about experimenting.

On the topic of trial and error, all week I have been having some sort of mental 'food block', I've been itching to type about so many recipes, ideas and brainwaves. The truth is I want to write, taste and cook all day until I have reached a crazy level of satisfaction. Dramatic yet true. 

Cakes, cookies, meringues, pastries, breads and anything else which looks so glamourous that you find yourself scared to touch are achievable in your own kitchen. Remember I'm not a trained cook TV star...yet! The other week I mixed marshmallow by hand! Anything is possible - if you want it to be.

Favourite Song:

ê 'Heads Will Roll'