5 November 2012

Beet this Pud!

♬'Halcyon' by Ellie Goulding

When soup won't do these cold afternoons justice and your at home resting your back against the oven, try putting a twist on a yorkshire pudding recipe. I once made breakfast yorkshire puddings back in April and had to revisit the classic for lunch. What fuzzy warming images! Every time I blog and look at images above text I feel like picking the dish off the screen! I've been wanting to rant, blog, type, express the love and hate relationship I've been having with food recently, hence the big silences. Putting all that aside I figured todays lunch was definitely worth a mention and a paragraph or two.

I had to give baking a break, well maybe for a few days until I get back into bikramyoga and boxing. This ripe age of 28 means I feel the wrath of keeping up with fitness and not over indulging on desserts. Oh the pain! Don't stress I have a hefty bunch of over ripe bananas that look ready to whisk, blend and bake into something Mita-tastic.

Right if you want to and I suggest you SHOULD try these, here are the magical tips and lists:

▶ Ingredients for 2/3 large puddings.
Use small casserole dish for 2 or muffin cake tin to fill 3 holes.

125g plain organic flour
75ml milk
2 large eggs
75ml cold water
Small red chilli deseeded and chopped finely.
1 garlic clove crushed and chopped.

With the rest of the ingredients, it's up to you how much you prefer..
Fresh spinach (I can finish a whole bag)
Broccoli florets (I think 2 count as your 5 a day)
Cooked beetroot (super amazing and is messy)
Small spring onion chopped. (was £1 a bowl, how could I resist?!)
Ricotta cheese (laters cheddar)
Olive oil


Sieve the flour in a bowl.
Add 75ml of cold water in a jug, add the milk and mix.
Make a well in the centre of the flour and pour in whisked eggs.
Then pour in the milk mixture, add a little at a time.
Whisk until it has a smooth consistency, season and pour this into a large jug and leave in the fridge for 20 minutes.

      : Meanwhile in a frying pan add olive oil and fry off the garlic, chilli, spinach, broccoli and spring onions on a slow heat for 10 minutes.
      : Preheat the oven to 200°c and put the tin/dish you will be using with a teaspoon of olive oil for a few minutes. Pour an equal amount of batter in dish/ each hole, it should sizzle then add everything from the frying pan and top with slices of beetroot.
:  Bake for 25 minutes, do not open the door at all during this time. Don't worry if they haven't risen yet, they will and when they do it will be beautiful. Have faith in your cooking!
 After 25 minutes, they should be golden brown and quite tall, take out the oven and touch the tops to see if they are crispy.
: Top with ricotta cheese and consume immediately!

Obviously if you are turning your nose up at this and not loving the creation, that's cool - but don't judge it until you have tried it!

Have a great day.x

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