12 November 2012

Spice Up Your Rice!

'Spiceworld' by Spice Girls
Another smack in the face Monday and all I wanted to do was think back to when I was a teenager dancing to the Spice Girls, you know a time when rent, shopping and worrying about being a single female never crossed your mind at the wondrous age of 13. Sometimes I wish there were magic marshmallow clouds that would take you into the world of sugar and butter. There would be trees growing toffee apples, tree trunks made from choux pastry, fairies made of icing sugar, grass would be chocolate and mint flavoured and there would be only beautiful men dressed in union jack aprons at your beck and call.

No harm in dreaming, that's when magic happens.

Shock. Two blog posts in the space of a few hours, just like 2011 when I was a blogging hit machine! You never know maybe I will blog about an egg tomorrow, it's a possibility.
Well here is my rather exotic looking lunch. Might I add you are staring and don't be fooled by those eyes - yes that is pineapple amongst chicken and rice. Everything I have typed sounds strangely familiar (apart from the day dream) I have a feeling I could be writing the same stuff every now and then. Obviously I have completely rinsed out the words 'amazing and cool', I still love to marinate them with love in every single post.

How amazing does my lunch look? Don't you want to pick it up! Vegetarians if you pretend the chicken is Quorn that would work better. 

 ▶ Get on it.

Ingredients for two spice girls:

Basmatic rice 50g
3 chicken thigh fillets or Quorn chunks.
Small bunch of spring onions.
2 small garlic cloves crushed.
1 tsp garam masala powder
1 tsp turmeric powder
1 tsp chilli powder
Half  a tsp nigella seeds
Pineapple chunks (fresh would be ideal or out of a can if you have to)
Vegetable oil
Fresh coriander


: Wash rice thoroughly and pour twice the amount of water in a pot, stir once then leave on a slow simmer. 
: Meanwhile chop the chicken fillets into chunks and marinade with powders and a teaspoon of oil.
: Leave in the fridge until the rice is nearly done.
: In the last 10 minutes before the rice is cooked, fry the chicken with garlic, nigella seeds and chopped spring onions.
: Once chicken is done, turn off both hobs and combine in a salad bowl.
: Sir through fresh pineapple and chopped coriander.
: Sorted. Done. Hey ho.

The spiced chicken combined with juicy pineapples is a wonderful gathering of flavours smothered in rice, sure to please any chicken and pineapple lover.

Favourite Song:

ê 'Viva Forever'