12 February 2013

Wholemeal Banana Pancakes

♬ 'Speakerboxx/The Love Below' by Outkast

A great soundtrack for getting in the mood for pancakes. I made so many today, I think my tendonitis might have started up again from the flipping wrist action! The basic lemon and sugar pancakes went very quickly at the table, to be honest I find them too flimsy and weak, you know - like a crêpe.
For dessert I prepared American style pancakes. To be honest I'm a fluffy pancake girl at heart, they are bulky and always rising to occasion. 

Here's the recipe for the best banana pancakes, I used wholemeal self raising flour instead of plain, semi skimmed milk and also I found 400ml of milk was beneficial not 300ml. 
I was going to list the recipe etc, but the fact is, its not mine to reiterate! So a link will take you to the Hairy Bikers recipe. Instead I will fill this space with other ideas for sweet and savoury pancakes. The sweet suggestions will work well with fluffy banana flavoured pancakes, maybe switch to basic or plain fluffy for savoury. 

Sweet layer ideas:

Nutella and berries (shown above)
Strawberries and cream 
Lemon juice and poppy seeds mixed in vanilla yoghurt.
Greek yoghurt with honey and figs.
Satsuma and melted organic milk chocolate.
Lemon drizzle sauce (lemon mixed with granulated sugar)
Baileys cream
Banoffee style - whipped cream, melted chocolate and toffee sauce.
Apples covered in cinnamon with toffee sauce.
Marshmallows and chocolate sauce.
Honeycomb crunch (bits of honeycomb with double cream)
Fruit conserve, natural yoghurt, pumpkin and sunflower seeds.
Blueberry and maple syrup (New Yorker classic)

Savoury layer ideas:

Bacon and syrup
Brie and cranberry
Sliced sausages and fried mushrooms with ketchup.
Fromage frais, dill, smoked salmon and spinach.
Chorizo and rocket
Ricotta and spinach

I think that's about it for now, enjoy whatever idea you go for. Any of these ideas are perfect for a decadent treat and great for brunch.

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