20 July 2013

Mita Coco Lollies

 ♬ 'Magna Carta...Holy Grail' by Jay Z
Saw Jay Z last week in Stratford and he was on top form as per usual. The guy is always musically evolving and looking very healthy these days. Maybe coconut water might be a favourite drink of his!
I've gone completely COCO and now blogging about an ICE LOLLY.
It all started off last Thursday morning after a gruelling Bikram yoga session, as per usual I wanted to jump into a big pool of ice instead of facing the heat outside. I eyed up the coconut water in the fridge before I left the studio and knew I needed something colder to cool me down. When I got home, I found some ice lolly moulds and filled them with coconut water and fresh watermelon chunks. A few hours of freezing and BOOM I have refreshing Mita coco lollies!
Think about it...
Coconut water is expensive, freeze them as lollies and they will last longer. Perfect for post workouts and for children.
Here's a short video persuading you to make your own, sorry about the close up!
Next time in the lolly mix:
Favourite Song:
'Tom Ford'