26 August 2013

Piña Colada Cupcakes

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For anyone who didn't go to Nottinghill Carnival this year, bake some carnival love in your kitchen! These cupcakes have a delicious Caribbean flavoured sponge. One bite and I wanted to jet off somewhere where coconut and palm trees are a standard view.
These cakes are for adults only.
125g salted butter
200g soft brown sugar
Half a teaspoon of pineapple essence
Half a teaspoon of rum essence
50ml coconut flavoured rum, I used Kokomo.
200g self raising flour
70g desiccated coconut
1 tbsp pineapple juice
2 medium eggs
125g unsalted butter
300g icing sugar
20ml Kokomo or another alcoholic rum.
Few drops of pineapple juice (optional)
Dessicated coconut
Fresh pineapple
Edible yellow glitter
Preheat oven 180° c.
Beat butter and sugar until combined and fluffy, then add eggs one at a time.
Add essences, alcohol, desiccated coconut and juice.
Lastly add flour and stir well. Don't over beat.
Scoop mixture into 12 muffin cases.
 Bake for 25 minutes.
 Once risen and slightly golden, take out immediately and leave to cool until cold to touch.
Carnival love:
Whisk butter, icing sugar and alcohol.
If butter cream is still a bit hard add a few drops of pineapple juice. This is optional.
 Pipe generously on each cupcake.
Decorate with fresh pineapple dipped in glitter and extra coconut.
I presented a batch of these for an engagement party last weekend where I also got my second wedding cake order! Super excited about how busy next year will be. I kept a few for carnival and after a busy day dancing like there's no tomorrow to Major Lazer and eating goat curry, this girl needs some time out!
Songs to do the dutty wine move to...
'Watch Out For This'