15 August 2013

Super Green Smoothie

Green is associated with jealousy, nature, spring, regeneration and re birth.
Minus the jealousy aspect and add a spring to your step with this powerful smoothie, most ingredients are boosting with amazing vitamins and minerals.
Incorporate a green philosophy in your life.
I'm currently on a mission to get better after a busy week in Ibiza and boosting every meal and drink with plenty of raw green ingredients.
You have to try this smoothie, when putting the ingredients in a blender I was starting to get worried about how it would taste! The outcome was incredible. Sweet tasting with a hint of banana and mango, you won't even taste the spinach or coriander. The best part is that it's in there!
 Regenerate, power and boost your morning with this crazy mix. Sorry about the picture, it may look like an average green smoothie but this is definitely worth writing about and trying again.
You will need:
For 1 large cup.
Good quality blender.
1 large banana
5 large strawberries
1 tsp organic Agave nectar
200ml oat milk
1 small cup of brewed match green tea which has been cooled (50ml)
2 tbsp low fat mango yoghurt
15 fresh spinach leaves
Small bunch of coriander (I used about 5 leaves, including stems)
Brew a small cup of matcha tea. I ripped open the tea bag, poured over boiling water, then sieved cooled tea in blender.
Put everything else in the blender and whizz on a high setting until there are no more green leaves showing. May take about 40 seconds.
Let me know what you think and other ingredients you have added.
Favourite songs:
"Ex Factor"
"Everything is Everything"
"Ready Or Not"