6 September 2013

Zesty Rainbow Cake

Well an upside down rainbow, only because turquoise is my favourite colour.
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Rainbow cake.
The blogger who came up with this idea originally made it for her best mate. A simple and creative idea which was a huge online success amongst all cake fans. The original recipe features vanilla essence in each coloured sponge which I think is a tad boring to be honest. I matched a few colours of the rainbow with some natural zests. Imagine tasting the rainbow as well as seeing it.
Zippy knows what I mean.
Recipe from BBC Good Food.
This recipe needs to be done three times for six sponges.
I did some of the messy work for you, split the cake mixture so each bowl contains 380g then add half a teaspoon of colour.
For each of these colours add these lovely flavours before putting in the oven:
Red sponge: half a teaspoon of strawberry essence
Yellow: lemon zest (only half)
Green: lime zest (only half)
Purple: sprinkle a bit of lavender sugar on mixture.
Orange: orange zest (whole one)
Turquoise: half a teaspoon of vanilla essence.
Once cakes are completely cold, store in an airtight container and assemble the next day.
Trim tops of each sponge with a sharp knife, so they sit flat on each other. Keep refrigerated once cream cheese frosting is spread all over and in between each sponge.
Either keep white or go crazy with multi coloured sprinkles.