14 January 2014

My Favourite Things

1. My mums turkey samosas.
Made with turkey mince, spices and potatoes. I have no limit to how many I can consume in half an hour! Beautiful with cucumber raitu, mango chutney and salsa.

2. Vita Coco
When I practised Bikram yoga I lived off coconut water. Water itself didn't replenish lost electrolytes, this drink is boss. There are quite a few coconut water companies on the market, and personally they all taste a bit strange. I really do feel like I'm sticking a straw in a coconut and lying in a hammock when drinking this bad boy. 

I keep a few chocolate bars as a secret stash for late nights or good movies, and I can eat them all in a flash, but with G&B's sea salt I can only handle one little piece at a time. In each block there is the PERFECT amount of sea salt, and when it hits your tongue - oh boy. See how unprofessional I am...most of this bar has gone!
You have to experience the magic.

4. Carrot, Parsley, Pear & Orange juice.
I know exactly what you just did - turned your nose up at the sound of parsley! Give this flat leaf herb a chance and see how amazing you will feel after. Having a fresh juice every morning is working wonders on my skin and energy levels. If you need a pick up, definitely get into juicing.
Benefits of juicing parsley?
Juicing it is actually better that eating it, you will absorb more of its powerhouse nutrients.
A great breath freshener if you stress about smelling of garlic or onion.
More info here:
5. London Grammar
When I came across 'help me lose my mind' by Disclosure featuring London Grammar, I quickly became obsessed with the talented trio. Most of their songs are not exactly uplifting or energetic, mainly injected with deeper messages that left me engrossed in Hannah Reid's voice.
Eat, drink and listen!