7 January 2014

My Favourite Things

Every week for as long as I can, there will be a few of my favourite things linked to food and music. This post is also inspired by Julie Andrews, read on to find out why.
 Let's get straight into it...

The joy this gorgeous pot brings into my life is beyond words. It is my equivalent to ice cream, yes that's right, on a ladies night in you will see me spooning straight out of the tub when everyone else will probably opt for Ben & Jerry's.
Chopped bananas and Swiss muesli with a dash of skimmed milk.
Chocolate cake
Apple crumble
In a smoothie with banana, spinach and berries.

Five beans rock. They rock so hard that if they were in a band, all other cans of beans would be knocked off the stage and hail to five glory. This is how crazy I am about them and you should be too. Five bean power.
With your full English breakfast.
On toast with melted cheese
As a veggie chilli by adding spices and serving with rice.
On a jacket potato.
In a tortilla wrap with rocket and sausage.
Basically anything you would have with your average baked beans.

Carrot, cucumber and ginger juice.
I'm trying to incorporate more fresh juices in my diet, which one will definitely be for breakfast. There maybe some smoothies getting involved to ensure I get my fibre, but I'm excited about trying new concoctions. 
Having a juice first thing in the morning feels so flipping good I can't look at cereal anymore. Juicing is a great way to use up apples, carrots, celery and loads more ingredients which will make you feel fresh eyed and awake.
Loads more juices coming up, so start setting up or buy one now!

I love you oats. Normally after a long run I like to make a small bowl of oatmeal with skimmed milk, one chopped banana and a drizzle of manuka honey. Oats are known to keep you fuller for longer and I crave lunch until after a healthy few hours.
Using oats in smoothies and in everyday meals will inject great benefits to your health. Check out this link if you have a few minutes:
Adding a tablespoon to any smoothie you make.
Sprinkling oats on top of muffins before you bake them.
Stirring through a handful of oats in a crumble mixture.
Cover mackerel in seasoned oats and lightly fry.
Make your own granola, mainly oat based and top with yoghurt.


 Julie Andrews

She is and always will be magical in every way. I recently watched Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music in one sitting (the benefits of Christmas holidays) and was mesmerised by how happy I was after those golden hours of witnessing so many people being lifted by Julie's charm and voice. This is why I want to do a weekly list of my favourite things, this is what most people should do to remind themselves of the simple pleasures in life.
God bless you Julie.


Beyoncé looking beautiful even with a fork in her mouth.
When B and Jay-Z went vegan for 22 days the whole world was in awe and of course another new diet, paired with the recent fasting diet, Paleo and vegan before 6pm came into light.
I'm sorry B, your the hottest lady around but there is no way on earth I'm giving up eggs or honey. Her new album and videos are great to watch, is there anything this woman can't do? My favourite video is definitely 'Grown Woman'.

Intrigued about a plant based diet?

I know it's January and everyone is feeling fat but in all seriousness, if you are wanting to lose weight make sure its for you, celebs like Beyoncé, Abby Clancy, Miranda Kerr and other models who look so fit it makes me cry, all HAVE to look that way.
Eat, drink and exercise in moderation.

Like what you have and make the most of it.