11 January 2014

Raspberry & Oat Pancakes

♬ 'Tribute' by John Newman

Ingredients that used to bless my morning pancakes were sugar, lemon and nutella, these have now been replaced with honey, oats and raspberries! Pancakes don't have to be a guilty treat or covered in chocolate, time to make them red and beautiful. 

Healthy pancakes full of slim ingredients and well tasty. Fluffy, fun and good looking.

120g Doves gluten free plain flour
10 raspberries
30g rolled oats
20g oatbran
2 tsp caster sugar
130ml skimmed milk
1 large egg
10 raspberries (fresh or frozen)
1 tsp butter

To serve:
Agave nectar or Manuka honey
Fresh raspberries


Whisk egg with milk and leave to one side.
Combine flour, baking powder, sugar, oats and oatbran in a bowl.
Add milk mixture, whisk well and let it stand for 5 minutes. It should be thick when you're ready to fry.
Stir through raspberries, being careful to not crush any.
In a large frying pan melt butter until sizzling hot then use a ladle to pour out four small pancakes.
Cook until light brown on each side.
Serve with agave nectar, fresh raspberries and a fresh juice.

Why wait until pancake day? 
Mix it cook it....and flip it.