4 February 2014

Avocado & Chocolate Hearts

♬ 'Home' by Rudimental
These delicious double baked hearts were initially a mistake.
I nearly burnt a batch of chocolate and banana cupcake sponges! Once I took them out the oven and realised they were a tad over baked I was determined not to waste anything, I added a tablespoon of maple syrup to create a cookie dough texture, found my heart shaped cutters then baked these cuties for another ten minutes.

Covered them in chocolate and avocado, gold lustre spray (standard) and red glitter.

I would go into my normal mode of typing out a cupcake recipe, but what's special about these hearts is the frosting.


2 ripe avocado's
150g dark chocolate
1 tbsp semi skimmed milk

Melt chocolate and milk in a bowl over boiling water and pour over mashed avocado's.
Whisk until there are no green signs of avocado.

Use this on top of toast, crackers and big show stopping cakes.

Perfect for anyone you love this month.
Which doesn't necessarily have to be your partner, maybe someone at work or a lovely neighbour?

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