13 April 2014

Maca Paca Power Banana Balls

'Silent Alarm' Bloc Party

These power balls are SO DELICIOUS! I've rolled them in maca and cocoa powder for an extra health kick. You HAVE  to try them, think about it, you are only taking 20 minutes of your time to create tasty healthy treats.
I know they look like small boulders BUT once you take a bite, you will love them.

To make 12 miniature boulders:
100g pitted dates
50g dried figs
100g dark chocolate melted
1 tbsp coconut oil melted
Half a banana mashed
20g pine nuts
On a small plate mix:
20g maca powder
20g Green & Blacks cocoa powder
Once chocolate and coconut oil has melted, combine with nuts and leave to one side.
Blend dates and figs until a nice paste, pour a bit of chocolate in the blender if there are still thick bits of date.
Mix banana, chocolate mix and dried fruit thoroughly in one bowl and start rolling into balls.
Place on a baking tray lined with greaseproof paper and freeze for ten minutes.
Once completely cold roll in maca and cocoa powder.
Share and care for them.