2 May 2014


Todays sweet treat has been inspired by an awesome lady called Rafa. 

♬ 'Kala' MIA
The mixture for these cakes uses a genoise recipe.
A genoise sponge is really light, fat free and means lots of whisking to get mountains of air through the mixture.
When whisked over heat it goes through a 'ribbon stage' which means the mixture should fall back into the bowl like a ribbon.
2 medium eggs
50g brown sugar
50g gluten free plain flour
20g quinoa flour
1 packet of raspberry jelly
1 tbsp Raspberry jam or marmalade
200g Green and Black's 85% chocolate
 ▶ Preheat oven 180°c
Make jelly night before following instructions on the packet, use vegan jelly if you prefer. Pour in a large baking tray and refrigerate - never freeze to speed up process.
In a glass bowl add eggs and sugar, put this over a small pot of boiling water and whisk. Do not take your eyes off it! Whisk for a solid five minutes until really pale and you get the ribbon effect.
Take off the heat immediately and stir through flours.
Pour small amounts in a 12 hole cake tin which has been lightly greased.
Bake for 15 minutes until slightly tanned and risen.
Melt chocolate and keep to one side.
Spread small amounts of jam on each cake base.
Using a very small scone cutter, cut out small discs of jelly and place on each base. This was quite messy, be gentle and maybe use a fish slice!
Pour over chocolate and scrape fork on top of each one to add a few lines.
Leave them to cool and set.
Check out some old school phat jaffa cupcakes and actual jaffa cakes I made ages ago on this wonderful blog.
Sending Rafa and Jaffa power your way.xx