1 May 2014

Superfood Cupcakes

Chief cake taster Pasqual posing with a mini super food cake.

♬ 'I love your smile' Shanice
Super cakes hey. I am loving my super food week, I'm cooking loads more, incorporating as much veg and fruit throughout the day, feeling lighter and having more clarity.
Try these super cute, super sweet and healthy cakes. Even if you are not doing a super food week, these are nice to make for parties, birthdays and picnics.
Or anyone who likes alternative ingredients in cakes!

150g gluten free plain flour
1tsp gluten free baking powder
50g quinoa flour
100ml Koko dairy free original coconut milk
1 tbsp chia seeds
1 tbsp linseeds
1 tbsp poppy seeds
50g chopped Green and Blacks 85% chocolate
1 ripe medium banana
20g pumpkin seed butter
30g unsalted butter
50g coconut palm sugar
1 medium egg
100g Green and Black's 85% chocolate
Half ripe avocado mashed
1 tsp lemon juice
1tbsp coconut milk


▶ Preheat oven 180°c
Put flours (inc baking powder) seeds, banana, egg and sugar in a bowl and whisk.
Melt butter and add to the bowl with seeds and milk.
Whisk well until a thick batter forms. Stir in chopped chocolate.
Scoop into 12 cupcake cases or 20 mini cupcake cases.
Bake large cupcakes for 20 minutes and mini ones for 15 minutes.

I ran out of large cases this is why there are loads of mini cakes in case you're wondering..

Once risen and chocolate is bubbling through cakes, take out and leave to one side.

Melt chocolate and pour over thoroughly mashed avocado with lemon juice, add milk and whisk.
Pipe small amounts on each cake, top with extra banana and they can be eaten straight away.
This frosting will slightly harden but still tastes the same when it was soft.