18 June 2014

Buckaberry Cake

'The Singles' Basement Jaxx

Now, if you want a healthy sort of cake then this is the recipe for you. Look at the list of ingredients to see how little sugar there is. I'm telling you this cake is so incredibly tasty I wanted to put my face straight in it.


400g buckwheat flour
1 tsp gluten free baking powder
Pinch of sea salt
120ml runny honey
120g unsalted butter
1 tbsp caster sugar
2 large lemons (zest and 100ml juice needed)
3 large eggs
1tbsp almond milk
1tsp almond essence

150g fresh raspberries
100g frozen cherries
100g blue poppy seeds


200g light Philadelphia cream cheese
100g icing sugar
50g butter
1 small lemon
Blue poppy seeds
Chia seeds
Fresh blueberries
Fresh raspberries
Edible glitter


 ▶ Preheat oven 180° c
 Line a 22cm quick release cake tin with baking paper.
In a bowl add all the ingredients for the cake apart from raspberries, cherries and seeds.
Whisk well, stir in fruit and poppy seeds.
Pour in tin and bake on the middle shelf for 40 minutes.

Leave to cool then poke with a skewer and squeeze one lemon over the cake so it soaks up more juice.

For the topping whisk butter, cream cheese, icing sugar, lemon zest and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. Refrigerate until your ready to serve, so it can stiffen up

Spread over cold cake, sprinkle poppy and chia seeds with fruit and edible glitter.

Ready for the taking!


12 June 2014

Banacoco Pie

♬ 'Born To Die' Lana Del Ray

I wanted to create something new. Something no other blogger has done before and last night I created Banacoco pie.Yes I know it's half good and half guilty looking but desserts are not meant to be super healthy!
After trying a slice of Banacoco pie you won't go back to that other pie known as Banoffee - unless you really don't like coconuts.
2 tbsp coconut oil
220g Green & Blacks milk chocolate, 20g to one side.
150g Crunchy nut flakes
2 large ripe bananas
100g chia seeds
250ml double cream
Runny honey
1 tsp banana essence
Line the bottom of a 12cm loose base tart dish with greaseproof paper.
Melt chocolate (glass bowl suspended over boiling water) and coconut oil (small saucepan until no white bits showing). Keep some coconut oil to one side.
Whisk together and stir in crunchy nut.
Pour in tart dish.
Freeze for twenty minutes.
Melt 20g chocolate and mix in with remaining coconut oil to make coco loco sauce.
Take out tart dish and make sure your kitchen is cool, not too hot, otherwise keep it in the fridge.
Chop bananas medium width and place on top.
Drizzle honey all over bananas.
Whisk cream with 1 tsp banana essence or honey.
Spread on bananas.
Sprinkle chia seeds over the cream, stick extra bananas on top and drizzle coco loco sauce.
Remember to create not copy, originality is in all of us.

4 June 2014

Strawberries & Cream...with Oreo's.


♬ 'Glorious' Foxes

Gluten free sponges with orange juice, sandwiched with cream, two types of jam, fresh strawberries, Oreo's and chocolate ganache. 
I had to use up a pack of Oreo's otherwise they would have been gone in one sitting with two cups of tea!

No recipe just yet folks, let me practice more so I can pass on decent cake info.

Wedding cake season is creeping up on the blog and you will witness cakes I've been trialling and testing, including finished cakes.

An exciting summer ahead for MixitCookit.

Keep an eye on this site.