5 May 2015

Tree Cakes

When my cousin asked me to design a creative and elaborate cake for her party following the theme of tree top climbing I wanted to step out of my comfort zone. We sat and googled and also doodled about how to turn the idea of 'Go Ape' into a cake. I then stumbled upon a blogger who made a tree with the help of a screwdriver and a structure made from wood. I thought to myself 'can I? and should I?'.

Yes. Yes. Yes...6 hours later.

Now at this point in the photography a few little hands had been picking at the ladder made from Mikado sticks.

'King' by Years & Years

A random bear looking monkey too fat to walk the strawberry laced bridge.

The treetop consisted of red velvet sponges and cream cheese...with a touch of green colouring.

The trunks were made from Rice Krispies and marshmallows. Then smothered with buttercream and given a tree look.

The base was designed by two little ladies who ran out of Mikado sticks on their pathway....

This is me and my sister decorating at 1am.

I transported the trunks then decorated on location - always the best way! The Rice Krispie mixture was very easily to handle and moulded beautifully to the structures.

Two thin cake boards held together with a wooden cake dowel drilled in each and superglued. Covered in foil to avoid any glue contact with ingredients.

Watch out for the next project.