13 June 2015

Wedding Cake Trio

This story started many years ago when I was a student at Kingston university working part time for Diesel jeans. I met Chloe who made me laugh every working day and both of us had a passion for MAC cosmetics. This was a time when my eyes were treated like blank canvases, each day I would paint them in a range of colours and patterns. Before Christmas I even painted a tree at the side of my right eye!

So there was this guy called Callum (you can see where this is sort of going) he really liked Chloe and kept on coming in for jeans. Once I saw him hiding behind one of the mannequins with flowers, I grabbed Chloe and said "mate this guy is hooked on you, he's also very cute!" They have been together for 8 years and last weekend they took a bite of their wedding cakes made by moi. 

An absolute privilege to contribute cake on their special day.

                        ♬ 'So Long See You Tomorrow' Bombay Bicycle Club

The largest was a Hummingbird sponge with pecan brittle, cream cheese frosting and edible flowers. With oil instead of butter this sponge was pretty delicate and a great addition to the trio.

Callum loves Snickers chocolate bars so I designed and made a triple layer caramel chocolate sponge cake (quite a mouthful) with peanut butter and chocolate buttercream and peanut brittle. An absolute delight.

The happy couple looking amazing.