10 January 2016

Year of the Cake

'Breathe Life' by Jack Garratt

2015, what a year! 

A year where I kept on thinking 'I should blog soon'. 
A year where so many more exciting things entered my world and have made me a better person. 

A year where I only blogged FOUR TIMES.
2014 - 41 times

So what 6 things are actually happening in 2016 on MixitCookit? 

More cake
Less sugar
More action
Vitamix recipes
Better grammar
Bold baking

Wild Blueberry Cake 2016

My first bake of the year was for my lovely brother who loves a classic Victoria sponge. I can't be dealing with strawberry jam all the time, it is a classic but my brother had some wild blueberry jam which added a wonderful flavour to the sponge. I sandwiched the cakes together with vanilla spiked whipped cream and added a chocolate sponge for additional flavour.

Laser Quest Cake 2015

One of my favourite projects in 2015 was this cake below, I had a lot of help with making this cake and cannot thank Tim enough for sticking at my side when my arms were fondant green and flour was stuck in my hair. 

I wanted to capture the laser quest experience in a cake and so a laser and smoke machine had to be involved. In total the cake took 12 hours and the base contained the lasers which the kids LOVED! 

Sometimes when you think it can't be done then that's even more reason to do it.

Have a wonderful January.