1 February 2017

Where did I go?

'Starboy' The Weekend

The terror of the blank white page. Those first few lines which could make a viewer switch on or off. In 2016 I practically switched off this blog. 

My January post boasted about how much I would bake and guess what, I switched my diet to becoming Paleo, cried over the loss of Prince and Muhammed Ali and kept my head in my hands over the travesty of what was happening to our world.

On the plus side, I grew up a bit. Still rocking the same job, got a ring on my finger, live with an amazing guy and a crazy Burmese cat called Lemon. The only thing that's missing is my creative outlet on this blog. 

So what's a girl to do?

This year I think it's fair to say there won't be too many cakes, but more random posts about different types of recipes that require me to cut out the demon that creates muffin top - sugar.

I've never been one to be obsessed over different types of dieting but being Paleo for the past 6 months has transformed my view of food and my body. Don't worry, I won't be trying to convert you to eat more vegetables and less bread, just raw meat.

I'm serious this time, keep an eye on the blog.x